Why You Should Own a Leather Bag

Why You Should Own a Leather Bag

Leather is one of the oldest and most widely-used materials for many fashion and non-fashion products worldwide. From leather handbags to furniture and clothing, it's easy to spot impressive leather applications across various domains.

Leather, which is gotten from the skins of various animals like goats, sheep, calves, pigs, horses, etc., has been known for centuries for its high durability and resistance. But are these the only reasons leather handbags and purses are worth purchasing? Definitely, there has to be more!

If you're wondering why owning leather handbags is worthwhile, here are 3 unbeatable reasons to keep in mind.

1. They are waterproof

When it's wet or rainy, the safety of the valuables in your handbag depends on the kind and quality of the bag's material. For highly absorbent materials like cotton, your items stand a high chance of getting disturbed by water. However, if you're carrying a genuine leather handbag, you can rest assured that your items will enjoy greater protection against water and moisture.


2. They are breathable

Sweat and moisture will likely contact your bag from time to time during usage. Breathable materials such as leather naturally allow airflow while preventing water from penetrating. Thus, they fight against bad odor, fungal attacks, and dust mites that often affect nonbreathable materials such as synthetic bags.

It's important to emphasize that only bags made from genuine leather enjoy this benefit. Fake leather bags share similar properties with other materials and aren't as breathable as natural leather. So when buying your crossbody bags, for instance, ensure to for genuine leather crossbody bags only.


3. They save long-term cost

Although some people think leather bags are slightly expensive at first. But when they factor in the lifespan and performance, they soon realize that leather products help save cost in the long run. You will typically need about 3 non-leather bags (or more) for a duration where a single leather bag would have effectively served.

Finally, leather bags come in a wide variety of styles and designs to suit different occasions and needs. So whether it's genuine leather shoulder bags, leather embroidered bags, or even an oil wax leather handbag, there are plenty of options to match your taste.

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