About Us

Welcome to Scraften.  

We started with the production of genuine leather goods in a handcrafted way. From countless purses and wallets, as well as phone cases, belts, bags and backpacks, boldly designed and durable to the point of boredom.

In this world characterized by constant change, there is nothing more modern than using traditional techniques in the contemporary way of life. So our work is based on the traditional craft of leather, adapted to new technologies, which makes our products of high quality at the same time original and modern.

Each of our bags has its own personality and its creation process is based on a feeling of love for leather.


Our Mission

Through our brand, our mission is to accompany the moments in the life of each person. We do this believing that continuous improvement and innovation are essential to provide excellent products to our valued clientele. At Scraften we keep abreast of the latest trends to ensure that our customers receive our high quality leather goods.


Our Promise

Our leather is natural vegetable tanned, aniline dyed. This means it retains the natural imperfections of the material: we do not paint it or put it through industrial processes that neutralize it. Our small team of industry-leading professionals hand-selects all of our products before sourcing from our trusted manufacturers. We source high quality leathers from all major leatther hubs in the world.

At Scraften, we value our customers as much as we value the quality of our products. Your feedback matters to us. We are dedicated to providing you with a unique and professional experience from the moment you visit our website. We are committed to shipping your items to you safely and efficiently to ensure your satisfaction at all times.

From our family to yours, thank you for being with us.


-The team at Scraften LLC