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Cute Pineapple Design Shoulder Bag

Cute Pineapple Design Shoulder Bag

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This Cute Pineapple Design Shoulder Bag is perfect for adding a stylish touch to any look! Its main material is cotton fabric, providing a comfortable and durable wear. The metal chain handbag and lady’s crossbody bag make it an elegant accessory for all occasions.

  • Adorable Pineapple Design: Elevate your style with this Cute Pineapple Design Shoulder Bag, adding a playful and trendy touch to your look.
  • Comfortable Cotton Fabric: Crafted with care, the main material is soft and comfortable cotton fabric, ensuring a pleasant and durable wear.
  • Metal Chain Handbag: The stylish metal chain adds a touch of sophistication, making this shoulder bag an elegant accessory that stands out.
  • Versatile Crossbody Design: With its versatile lady's crossbody design, this bag is perfect for all occasions, offering both style and convenience.
  • Fashionable and Durable: Enjoy a perfect blend of fashion and durability with this Cute Pineapple Design Shoulder Bag, the ideal choice for those who appreciate style and quality.

Product Information

  • Main Material: Cotton Fabric
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Size: 14X19X14 cm


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